Jungle News to Use

March 16-20

An Elephant Always Remembers...

We will have a field trip to St. Meinrad on TUESDAY. This is a full day field trip. Please see the checklist of things to bring/remember in your child's STRIPE binder this weekend.

Spring Break: March 23-27

We will be in school on April 3 and May 26. May 26 will be the last day of school.

This week's verse: In lieu of a verse this week, we will be focusing on the Beattitudes this week.

3rd quarter report cards will be coming home at the end of this week.

What's Happening?!

Math: We will be learning how to add/subtract mixed numbers this week. We will quiz over this concept on Thursday. After Spring Break, we will be moving into measurement.

Reading: Since we wrapped up our Newberry lit circles, we will be completing an iMovie book trailer project over our novels this week. We will also be finishing our non-fiction text feature magazine project. 4th quarter AR cut date is May 13.

English: continue chapter 6, DOL quiz Friday

Writer's Workshop: non-fiction text structure magazine articles

Word Study/Spelling: TEST over prefixes (pre-, post-, re-) on Friday.

Science: bird beak adaptations lab, engineer a frog STEM activity

Indiana History: continue Indiana during the Revolutionary War

Religion: Beattitudes, Resurrection Gardens on Friday

*Have you been in the building to see our Stations of the Cross Shadowboxes?? They are on display outside of Mr. Kempf's office, and they are AWESOME! Check them out!