Multimedia Artist and Animator

All About the Career- by Sophia Greenberg

What is It?

Multimedia Artist and Animators do many different things. They animate movies, TV shows, and special effects. They draw out storyboards and use their art to present it. Using their knowledge of techniques and medias, they can efficiently and successfully portray what the desired outcome is.

What Do you Do?

Other responsibilities include:

  1. Teamwork- You will have to cooperate with others
  2. Responds well with deadlines
  3. Researching skills
  4. Patience
  5. Attention to detail
  6. Fluency of Ideas
  7. Artistic Skills
  8. Computer Skills

Salary/ Job Outlook

  • $57,740- Texas
  • $63,440- National


6% job outlook- slower than average

Pros of the Job

It depend what your interest out in to decide if this job is for you.

  • Storytelling- creating stories, characters, settings, etc. and bringing them to life.
  • Drawing pretty much everyday.
  • Coming up with new creative ideas.
  • Working with people with the same passion.


Many different colleges offer degrees in topics desirable for this career. When researching, I found two colleges not just suitable for different degrees you would need but also location relative to what is good for me. Because my grandparents live in NYC, these two colleges are not only in the top 20 for Multimedia Artists and Animators, but I could live with my grandparents instead of paying for dorm. The Pratt Institute for Art is a good college, and depending on the course you take, is about $44,000 annually. Parsons school of Art and Design is not as good for animators, but it is only about $21,000 per year.

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