Kol HaLev Shabbaton

Exploring the Omer: Integrating Freedom and Responsibility

The 5773/2013 Kol HaLev Intergenerational Shabbaton

For the past fourteen years, it has been a Kol HaLev tradition to hold a biennial community-wide retreat. The retreat provides an opportunity for Kol HaLev members to spend an entire Shabbat together in a fun and beautiful location, to enhance our connection to one another and to the experience of Shabbat itself.

The Kol HaLev Intergenerational Shabbaton

Friday, Apr 26th, 3:30pm to Sunday, Apr 28th, 12pm

Punderson State Park

Newbury, OH

The theme of the Shabbaton, “Exploring the Omer: Integrating Freedom and Responsibility,” connects with a particular moment in the Jewish sacred calendar: Lag b’Omer, or the 33rd day of the Omer count, which begins at Passover and concludes as we enter the holiday of Shavuot. Lag b’Omer itself falls on Saturday night and Sunday of the Shabbaton weekend.

We will be focusing in part on the somewhat mysterious origins of the day itself. We will also be delving into the practice of counting that is so much a part of this time of year, as well as reflecting on the complex relationship between freedom and responsibility that is signified by this calendrical bridge called the Omer. As we always do, we will, draw upon the talents and insights of our members to help us further our understanding of these intriguing questions. Hopefully, the weather will allow us to have a traditional bon fire.

To register, complete the attached form

Return to the Kol HaLev office with payment by March 15.

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Registration closes April 5.

For questions concerning registration and accommodations, contact Vicki Sussman at vicki.sussman@gmail.com.

For questions concerning programming, contact Rabbi Steve at rabbisteve@kolhalev.net