Event Planning


Some responsibilities of an event planner include meeting with clients to plan event, planning the time, location, and cost of the event, inspecting venues to ensure the clients needs are met, coordinating event services, such as rooms, transportation, and food services, and monitor events to ensure client satisfaction.

Personal Skills

In order to excel as a event planner you are going to need to have skills in communication, negotiation, organization, and problem solving. Good composure skills are also necessary.

Education and Certifications

To become an event planner college is not necessary but being a graduate with a degree in tourism or hospitality is looked upon as more favorable than having no degree. A certification that is offered is the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP). Experience in hospitality careers is also encouraged.


The work environment is fast paced and demanding. Be prepared to spend a lot of time in a office, hotels, and convention centers. Also be prepared to travel if necessary.


Starting out as an event planner the average salary is $46,490 as of 2014. The salary amounts can range from $26,940 to $82,060.