Slope Rap


Join Mr.Kapp's 3rd period

Well we are going to learn about Slope and our special guests. Ms.Belk, Mr.Positive,Mrs.Negative, Mr.Super Zero, and Mr.Undefind

Everyday Monday-Friday we are open at 10:23 am to 11:28 am

First there is a slope

This thing math teacher’s call dope,

Second of all, there is one that is not in debt

Cause she is called y-intercept

The one who is always talkative

His name is Mr. Positive

The one who is always argumentative

Her name is Mrs. Negative

The one thinks he’s a hero

His name is super zero

Hey kids, there is one more, don’t be blind

Because he is really worth nothing because he’s undefined

Hey you, don’t get on your phone don’t you text

I am going to tell you about the domain that’s the X

And you can plug your numbers in a table, it’s easy try

Make sure you use the range,oh yeah, don’t for the Y

I wanna explain to you about quadrant one

Don’t worry about it because it isnt a ton

Second, there is second one that goes on the top left box it’s called quadrant two

It’s kinda like for first but the difference is this one is really cool

The third box is quadrant three

HEY look down not up because this one is less than a tree

Last but not the very least it’s quadrant four

Was this a good math lesson for you and I we learned about so much more

Thank you boys and girls this was really fun

But sadly I feel bad cause my rap is finished, in other words word my rap is done

Any questions

Ask Mr.Kapp and Ms.Belk they are really excellent at math. And slope isn't that hard if you understand it quickly.