Digital Citizenship

By: Jerianna Hostetler

Digital Citizenship

Being respectful to people on line and following on line rules.

Ex: When someone is mean to you on line you need to tell a parent immediately.

Internet Saftey #1

You should keep your passwords a secret and make it hard so no one can guess it.

Internet Safety #2

Never post your personal info like your phone number, home address, or social security number.

Digital Footprint and Reputation #1

Think before you post. Don't post anything that will hurt anyone's feelings by your post.

Digital Footprint and Reputation #2

Remember everything that you post online will always be there and nothing will ever be deleted.

Why Digital Presence is Important?

Digital presence is important because if you have a bad one then you could not get hired for a job or you might lose your job because of something you posted.
Digital Citizenship

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