The Friday File

December 5, 2014

Nashua Mission

Students will be provided an appropriate learning environment, which supports them academically, physically, esthetically, socially, and emotionally. This environment will give each child the opportunity to develop to the fullest potential and promote life long learning. The achievement of high educational standards at Nashua Elementary School will involve the entire school community.

Upcoming Events


December 8

9:00-11:30 Principal Cohort walk throughs

December 9

8:00 a.m. KLC

December 10

3:45 p.m. PBS Tier 1

3:45 p.m.Bricks 4 Kidz

December 11

Data Training-CC out

7:00 p.m. 4th/5th music program at New Mark

December 12

7:45 a.m. SBC

Double Starbucks

Fire Drill TBA

1:00 p.m. New Mark Band performance for 5th grade

December 16

6:00-8:00 p.m. KLC rings Salvation Army bell inside the Marshall's at Zona Rosa

December 17

7:30 a.m. Staff Holiday Breakfast

Ugly Sweater Day

December 18

2:40-3:25 Winter Parties


December 19

End 2nd quarter

Noon Dismissal

11:00-11:45 Winter party make-up

December 22-January 2 Winter Break

Winter Benchmark Windows

F&P Window: December 1-December 19th

*Grade K-all students

*Grade 1-students who scored below G

*Grade 2-students who scored below L

*Grade 3-students who scored below P

*Grade 4-students who scored below S

*Grade 5-students who scored below V

3-5 Math Benchmark December 1-December 12th

3-5 ELA Benchmark December 1-December 19th

Math EOU

1st-Unit 4 December 19th

3rd-Unit 4 December 19th

4th-Unit 4 December 19th

5th-Unit 3 December 17th

Survey for 3rd quarter Early Release

Classroom teachers, please complete this quick survey for BLT. This will help in planning our Early Release sessions for 3rd quarter.

Holiday Building Hours

The building will be open with modified hours over the holiday break. M,T,F 6:30 a.m.-7:00 p.m.

Building closed Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day.

Please remember there is one flexible workday built into your contract to be used before the 2nd semester starts. Utilize the building while it is open, or work from home if you prefer.

2nd quarter Grade Card Timeline

Dec. 19th 2nd quarter ends

Jan. 5th Grades and comments due by noon

Jan. 6th Changes made by 4:00 p.m.

Jan. 9th Grade cards go home

Talk Moves

For the next two weeks, I challenge you all to use “reasoning” (asking students to apply their own reasoning or someone else’s reasoning) in your math lessons. Reasoning can sound like this “Do you agree or disagree and why?”

It is important to note that the teacher does not simply ask whether another student agrees or disagrees but then follows up by asking the student to explain why. Asking them to explain their reasoning is a key part of this talk move, and is criticial in general to supporting students’ mathematical learning. The point of this talk move is to cause students to make explicit their reasoning by applying their thinking to someone else’s contribution.

Conferring Notes Reflection

As we have discussed (or will next week) in you PLTs, your conferring notes are a formative assessment tool to help you determine teaching points for individual students, invitational groups, or the whole class. As you reflect on your own conference notes, consider these questions:

· Do your notes make sense?

· What kind of information does your documentation give you?

· What are the strengths of your students?

· What is most useful about your notes?

· What whole group lessons do you notes indicate your students need?

· Which students have similar needs? What are those needs?

· What are the individual needs in your class?

· What information do you wish you had in your notes?

(c) Ruth Ayres and Deb Gaby All rights reserved.

Recess Change

Please do not allow students to play on the upper playground on days when only 2 adults are on duty. There is too much area on the playground for only 2 adults to provide active supervision of all the areas. This will eliminate some of that space.

December 8th Math Schedule

Reminder this is for Monday only!

K Number Talks 10:00 (Keep your schedule the same except for Number Talks)

2nd-5th Start with Number Talks at 10:00 and then move into Math Workshop

1st grade will be in specials from 10-11 (your schedule can stay the same)

This group will be looking for evidence of Math Residue during their visit.

Math Residue is:

I can statements posted and aligned to the math IAG

Math manipulatives and tools available and/or being used

Anchor charts up with math strategies

Math discourse is happening (This includes Talk Moves, questioning, and teacher facilitation of the discourse).

Staff Holiday Breakfast

Wednesday, Dec. 17th, 7:30am

Teacher's Lounge

Sign up sheet will be in the lounge!

Staff Ugly Sweater Contest that day!!

December Birthdays




'Tis the Season...For a Free Jeans Day

Starting Monday, Dec. 8th one lucky staff member will win a complimentary jeans day. One person per day. The winner will be announced at the end of each day so you will have plenty of time to prepare your wardrobe for the next day!