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  • Safety-

    G&M Clothing is all fire proof but a parent should make sure they buy their children's clothes fit snug, because if they are baggy there is a better chance for them to catch on fire. G&M Clothing has 100% wool and silk apparel which tends to be less combustible and more breathable.

    Accessories: Drawstrings, cords,and straps are common strangulation hazards, and because of this aren't in any of our clothes for safety precautions. We also don't have tight fitting elastic bands on toddlers clothes due to the fact that they could restrict circulation and may cause skin irritation.

  • Comfort- Our clothes are the most comfortable clothes a child can have! We use cotton/Spandex Blends which most people find in leggings. This material is stretchable and moves with your baby
  • Features-

    Zippers, large buttons, gripper snaps, and hook and loop fastener tape are all amazing features for toddlers, and we sell different articles of clothing that includes all of those features.

  • Care- We take great care in our clothes due to that fact that we love our customers. We chose to make our clothes out of cotton/spandex because we thought our customers would like it best due to the comfortableness and how the clothes move with your body. All of our clothing are made with 100% love
  • Self Dress dressing features-

    As your child starts to dress themselves its good to buy loose fitting clothing, so instead of buying a button up jacket buy a slightly large coat so your child can step into it and shrug it off. Refrain from using button up jeans as it is hard for the toddler to dress themselves, but use slide on bottoms. We have coats of all sizes and shorts/pants that can slide on.

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