Earthquakes and Volcanoes

By Alex Moreno, Jason Montoya, and Lexi Ray

Earthquake: Honshu (Japan)

On March 11, 2011 the Honshu earthquake struck Japan with a magnitude of 9.0. Honshu left Japan with 10,00 dead and 80,000,000 in damage. Honshu, japan was where the epicenter took place. The Honshu earthquake had a subduction boundary, with a focus depth of KM. The earthquake also caused much other natural disasters. It caused a tsunami. By time the earthquake’s tsunami reached a magnitude of 7.6 tsunami waves were already 38 meters high.

Volcano: Krakatoa

Name of Volcano: Krakatoa
Krakatoa is located in Lampung, Indonesia,
It is a caldera type volcano.
Java and Sumatra are two major cities that would be in danger if Krakatoa erupts.

The last major eruption was in 1883.

It caused about 36,000 deaths.
The cost of the damage of the last big eruption was $1.5 billion (US dollars)
Interestingly, and frighteningly, Krakatoa is still active. Scientists think it is just a matter of time before it has another major eruption, one that will be even more destructive than the one in 1883.