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  • Pablo Gutierrez
  • World Geography
  • November 10, 2014
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Come on down!

Panama has many famous artifacts in their land. The one you might already know is the Panama Canal. this marvelous waterway is nothing to be ignored. Also should visit the monument of the Goethals.The French Park is also a famous monument located near the French Embassy of Panama. The walk reveals Panoramic views of the Panama skyline and the Bridge of the Americas.

What's the Religion ?

The religion that 85% of Panamanians follow is Roman Catholics. Since the government allows free religion the rest of the population are hindus, protestants, and some practice old native American rituals.

What are they saying ?

In Panama the main language is Spanish. It's widely spoken in most the country. In some parts people talk English and in other parts people still speak the old Native American language. If you ever go to Panama and you want to say "hi" just say "hola" since in the majority of the country they speak Spanish.

Where is the Ethnicity here?

Panama is full of ethnic groups. It grew a lot during the construction of the Panama Canal. Many people from China and other countries came to help the in the construction and now they stayed in Panama. Many of previous ethnic groups became extinct for many reasons. Most of those extinct are Native American Tribes that got kicked out from their land.

How about em' Festivals?

The festivals that Panama celebrate are a lot. You can literally go any time of the year and they will be in the middle of a festival. Most every month they have a festival. In some they have multiple festivals.

You hungry ?

The food in this country is a cultural delight. They have all kinds off dishes from desayunos to platillos principale. Aroz con pollo and many other many dishes. The most demanding dish is ceviche. It consists of raw fish marinaded in fresh lemon juice with onion. That sounds so good. Can I get a bowl here Please? Many of these dishes are all traditional dishes that were made decades ago by their ancestors.

Off to work again?

Most people in Panama do farming for a living. Still just because I'm saying farming it doesn't mean that everyone is like that. Some people in Panama do have a steady workplace. They are most probably architects or a business owner.

Festival Clip

Hope you visit this amazing country. Take the family the more the better. Be safe and if something does happen don't blame me I said be safe it says here I bolded and italicized it so BE SAFE.
Carnival 2013 - Las Tablas , Panama - 4th Day (Tuesday) Parades - Calle Abajo & Calle Arriba