Digital Footprints

What is it and How you can maintain it

What is Digital Footprint

On the Internet a digital footprint is the word used to describe the trail, traces or "footprints" that people leave online.

This is information transmitted online, such as g-mail, and attachments.All of these activities leave traces of personal information available for others online.

Maintaining Your Digital Footprint

Use privacy settings on social media when creating an account. Keep a list of accounts , don't just forget about your old account delete it. Never overshare because if you don't want everyone to know don't post it. Google yourself and see what you find. Every time you send a message, post, or picture, you’re publishing it the same way CNN does a news story. And the internet never forgets.A host of browser extensions and app add-ons can also limit the surreptitious capture of personal information. (, ( and ( are examples of cross-platform extensions that block tracking cookies and give users control over site scripts.


Follow the Digital Trail

Pros and Cons


There are many good reasons to have a solid online presence that includes your website, social media, blogs, and local listings. Benefits of having a digital imprint or footprint include:

• Ability to establish your brand with new and existing customers

• Establishing yourself and your business as a an “expert” or trusted authority

• Ability to offer convenient and effective incentives such as coupon codes and discounts

• Ability to reach new markets without the expense of launching a traditional campaign


You can have control over your website and even most of your social sites. The problem is that comments and reviews aren’t always an accurate reflection of your business. Some of the cons of a digital footprint include:

• Reviews based on a negative experience without the full details being given

• Negative reviews posted by a competitor posing as a disgruntled customer

• Review sites that refuse to remove negative reviews (some are more reasonable than others)

• Blogs and other sites that mention your business in an unflattering way

Put it to a Vote

Below is a surveyed table that shows what people believe others can see while online looking at say for example on your Instagram, E-Mail, or even just searching your name.
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