WANTED: ZINC $625,300 reward

by:olivia ragone

Wanted For

Today Zinc is used for sunscreen, soap, cereal, shampoos, and pennies and medicine.

Zinc in sunscreen is important because it protects skin from harmful sun rays it also keeps skin and bone in healthy condition.


(A.K.A Spelter) The element Zinc comes from the German word Zink which means jagged or zinn which means tin like. Zinc's chemical symbol is Zn.


Zinc is known to be a bluish-gray, shiny solid.Zinc forms a dull-gray coating of carbonate when it reacts with oxygen. Looks to be about 65 in atomic weight and has an atomic number of 30. If seen at room temperature Zinc will appear a solid. Also Zinc is a transitional metal.
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This Bohr model shows that Zinc has 30 protons, 30 electrons, and a 35 average of nuetrons

First arresting officer

Andreas Sigismund Marggaf, a German scientist, was Zincs first arresting officer. He was born on March 3, 1709 and sadly died on August 7, 1782. As well as arresting Zinc he also discovered beet sugar which led to the development of the modern sugar industry.

Report on first arrest

Andreas S. Marggaf identified zinc as an element in 1746. Centuries before in was recognized as an element it committed major crimes such as it was used as zinc ore to make brass. It was latter arrested again for forming many industries about the element.

Last seen

Zinc was last seen with the family of transition metals. He is also thought to be on the periodic table at the 12 element in the 4th period/row and the first element in the 12th group/column. Zinc is commonly found in the earths crust , trace amounts in the air, water, plants, and animals. (Also in the crimes listed before)

Known associates

Zinc might be caught in kahoots with copper while making pennies or with other ingredients used in soap, shampoo, and sunscreen. Zinc might also work with nitric acid: 32n+ 8 HNO3= 32n (No3)2+2 NO+4 H2O.


Element is in a fairly stable state however if found proceed with caution.