Tuesday Teacher Tips

September 9, 2014

Student Growth Goals, Anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner, & Constitution Day

Student Growth Goals on Your Mind?

Right about now, you are probably working on finishing up your self reflections, and you are turning your attention to lots of data to help you determine what your students need to help them make progress in attaining those enduring skills that will help them be successful in the future.

Goal setting was the topic of conversation for the last #KyEdChat. You can see the archive, compiled by Oldham County Librarian, James Allen, [here] to catch up on the discussion.

As you consider which skills are enduring, and which skills you need to focus your attention on in your goal, don't forget KDE TPGES Student Growth Goal Page. For sure, check out the Think and Plan Tool to help guide you through the growth goal process.
When trying to determine if you're on the right track for developing your Student Growth Goals, check out this rubric from Washing State, it really does a good job of laying out what goes into a SMART goal.

Additionally, consider the people you can partner with in your building, in addition to your team. If you are considering enduring skills that can be found in ELA standards or NGSS standards, you may want to partner with your school librarian to develop research tools, locate materials that highlight those specific skills, or even conduct action research. Check out some basics about action research from ASCD [here]. You might find that you can create student growth goals together and divide up the tasks.

Finally, consider establishing a date now to meet with your team, administrator and even school librarian to develop a rubric that you can use to monitor student progress on your goal. Check out "3 Rubric Makers that Will Save you Time and Stress" from Edudemic to discover some online tools that will help you organize your thoughts.

Star Spangled Anniversary & Constitution Day

Sunday marks the 200th Anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner. Learn about the history of "Old Glory" at PBS, and check out the Smithsonian Interactive Flag and video Broad Stripes and Bright Stars below for some quick resources.

Constitution Day is Wednesday, September 17. Be sure to take a look at resources from KET [here] and don't miss Scholastic's Celebrate Constitution Day [here]. Let your kids try their hand at the Constitution Game, the "live" interview with Ben Franklin is also fun, and could be a good writing exercise.

Smithsonian Interactive Flag

Broad Stripes and Bright Stars

Check out this 11 minute video about the flag that inspired the National Anthem, produced by the National Museum of American History.
Broad Stripes and Bright Stars

Sharing your Office 365/OneDrive Document

You and your students can share documents you create in your Office 365 account through the sharing feature. Once you have shared your documents you can collaborate and edit documents together, or leave comments on the work.

Using the sharing and collaboration feature is a good SAMR Modification strategy and could allow for more flexible use of criticism and revision on the Bloom's scale.

See the how to video below for a quick tutorial to get you started.
Sharing a Word Document Using Office 365 & Web Word App