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Why did I go Posh?

I get asked a lot … “Why Posh?” Well I never thought that I had a great ‘sales pitch’ type answer; I guess that’s because I’m not a real sales person. However, when someone would ask me about what my favorite product was I could tell you hands down it’s the Snarky Bar. There’s just something about it!

It’s better than the usual Shea Butter Scrubs that you could buy at the store, which as reported by the 5 Gyres Institute in the US found such significant microbead pollution in the Great Lakes region last year that it launched a campaign to have them banned! Recently Wall Street Journal reported that Governor Pat Quinn signed legislation to make the state of Illinois the first state that bans mircobeads in products. With the Snarky Bar it’s exfoliation that removes dead and dry skin while sealing the moisture into your pores with Shea Butter. My biggest struggle is deciding which scent I prefer – the Original Snarky bar has a natural flowery scent without being overly pungent with a hint of Sandalwood — even the man of the household will like to use this one – or the Brazilian Bombshell that smells like you are soaking up the sun rays on the beach of Miami! Both are truly amazing products and that is WHY POSH for me! I actually didn’t even like ‘soap’ bars until trying Perfectly Posh, it’s crazy what a sample size of the Snarky Bar did for me!

Please feel free to contact me if you would like samples sent to you! Be Perfectly Posh this weekend and every weekend, Ashley

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