Mrs. Myers' Memo

Thursday, January 14th, 2016


Music Parent Share

In February, our class will have their Parent Share in Music class with Mrs. Martin. You are invited to attend, witnessing the amazing talent and product of their hard work in music class! Please mark your calendars for our Music Share day and time:

Friday, February 19th, at 10:40am

Reading Book Bags

I am so proud of those students that have been consistently returning their Reading Book Bag each day/week! I have seen HUGE improvements with their reading skills and cannot wait to see their reading abilities by the end of Kindergarten!

Reading with your child every night has so many benefits!
  • Building fluency
  • Building a LOVE for Reading
  • Building confidence
  • Building their vocabulary
  • Bonding time with your child

Keep up the great work!

Writing in Kindergarten

This week we took our "pretest" for our writing grade. The students were asked to write about their favorite animal and explain why it was their favorite. As a class, we talked about the sight words they could use to answer this question. "I like ___ because they___" were all on the sight word wall for them to find and use. Many of the students were able to complete this assignment, using the correct words. They phonetically sounded out the rest of the words. This was amazing! We look at whether their sentence makes sense, too!

At home, if you want to help your student get better at writing, ask them about their favorite food, color, toy, etc. Do they answer in a complete sentence? Encourage them to answer in a complete thought, as it is then easier to write a complete sentence. Have them use sight words from their rainbow wall list in their folder. Encourage them to sound out harder words. They do not have to be spelled correctly.

The other focus of this assignment is the 4-finger check:
  1. Do you have uppercase at the beginning?
  2. Do you have finger-spaces between words?
  3. Do you have punctuation (a period) at the end?
  4. Does your sentence make sense?

Sentences can be simple, such as "I like..." or "I see...." for many assignments. But help them make it a "college sentence" by using the word "because" to explain more about it!

Happy Writing!