by : Alondra said camacho


Spiders are carnivore creatures.Spiders are amazing creatures because if one a spiders leg hurts they brake it,and it does not hurt because they can still live with 7 legs.did you know spiders have 2 body parts ?Well they do on of a spiders body is the cephalothorax the cephalothorax is the head and the chest.The second part of the body is called abdomen, the abdomen is the second body part of the spider.Also under the abdomen there is the spinneret.The spinneret is the silk,with the silk spider can build there webs.

Spider's life

This report is about a spider's life.All though spiders eat mostly insects,a large spider like a tarantula may kill and eat a mouse.It may take the tarantula more than a day to finish eating the mouse because the have little teeths