Trail of Tears

By:Whitnie Shuler

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What we did to the native tribes 😢

This is the map the 5 tribes had to walk/travel on because the whites forced these people out of their home land.

This 5 tribes are Cherokee, Seminole, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and the Creek.


This was consider as the map of how long the Trail of Tears was also what trail they could have taken.

Impact on the American nation at the time and in the future.

In the future I think no one will remember this tragic event because of our improving technology. But we need to stand up and remember the lives that were lost on these years because they are part of our history and maybe what lead up to us today and the future.

What else?????

During the time of the Trail of Tears the Pastry war was going on.


The Cherokees marched was a forced one under the direction of the United States army, and it came to be known as the "Trail of Tears" or, in their own term " The place where they cried."