Mass Hysteria Mob Mentality

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Who was involved in the mass hysteria in The Crucible?

John & Elizabeth Proctor

Abigail Williams

Ann & Thomas Putnam

Reverend Hale & Parris


Sarah Good was the first person to be accused of practicing witchcraft, although Abigail Williams and a few other women claims that Elizabeth Proctor is the one who has been practicing witchcraft.

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When and where did it take place?

This mob mentality took place in Salem, Massachusetts in the year 1692.
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What event spurred this mass hysteria?

When Abigail accused Elizabeth Proctor of witchcraft, Abigail and a few other women went along with her into lying about the practicing of witchcraft. Which later leads to a major tragedy at the end of the book.
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How were people's lives impacted?

Many lives were lost in this mentality. Innocent people lost their loved ones due to a group of towns women accusing people of witchcraft. In spite of people being accused of witchcraft, they were hung for this crime, if found guilty.

Did The Crucible alter the course of history?

Yes the assumption of witchcraft altered the course of history horribly. Witchcraft lead to some ideas that everyone in the Puritan era had to all think and believe in the same thing. Some ideas such as who you worshiped, how you lived, and in most cases how you dressed. If you did not live by those standards than in some cases you would be accused of working with and or for the devil (devil's work).
American Literature: The Puritan Period

Police Brutality Mob Mentality

Who was involved ?

Police officers

Citizens of America

Primarily or particularly African American Men and in some cases women

Police brutality compilation America

When and where did it take place?

In the past several years dating back to the year 2012, in United States of America.
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What event spurred the hysteria?

The events that spurred this hysteria was simply citizens defending their "natural born rights", the first amendment "freedom of speech" and officers believing that we as the citizens of a "free" country, that we are resisting arrest. By law the potential suspect has the right to ask the officer, "sir or ma'am what are you arresting me for"?.
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How were people's lives impacted?

By policemen abusing their powers as officers of the system, over two dozen people have been killed at the hands of policemen. Some police officers would say that they felt threatened, some would say they were provoked, a number of miscellaneous accusations. Innocent lives were taken by this mob mentality and also by the abuse of power.

Did alter the course of history? How?

Yes, dating back to the era where police brutality was an high uproar, there were many mob like mentalities happening then. In today's present era police brutality has been becoming a bigger epidemic than it was back then. More and more officers are getting away with murder, assault, and the abuse of their power of authority as policemen.
Sandra Bland Dash Cam Arrest Video Released


In comparison to The Crucible, these two examples of mass hysteria and mob mentality there has been a horrible outbreak of cruelty among the people who have been harmed and killed in the epidemic. There should be a solution to put a stop to the mass hysteria that has been happening in America's society today.
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