Cashido Received 2015 GCCA Award

Taiwan's Only Recipient

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Taiwan's Only Recipient in 2015

At the Green Summit 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan the Global Cleantech Cluster Association announced the Top 10 Winners for its 5th GCCA Later Stage Awards. Out of the 800 participants, Cashido Corporation with President Eric Chen, was selected as a Top 10 Company and the only company from Taiwan to receive such honors in 2015.

Lihchyi Wen and Chun-hsu Lin, managing directors of the local GCCA cluster Green Trade Project Office (GTPO) , welcomed 300 international participants to the 3 day events. For the first time, a full day workshop was included in the program to share insights and learnings of both the KeyStone Compact assessment tool and the Multi-Asset Renewal Fund (MARF) program in Finland with Cleantech entrepreneurs, investors and government representatives.

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About the GCCA

The Global Cleantech Cluster Association (GCCA) harvests the power of networking disparate local Cleantech clusters in a global market environment. Their focus is on creating a global cluster collaboration system to drive sustainable regional economic development that is open, larger and more effective than what we have seen as of today. GCCA is a fully independent, not for profit initiative of a private consortium and is organized as a fond of Fondation des Fondateurs based in Zurich, Switzerland. As an umbrella foundation, it is monitored by the Swiss Federal Supervisory Board of Foundations.

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About Cashido Corporation

At the Green Summit 2015 in Taipei Cashido Corporation demonstrated the Eco-SIP, or Eco-Friendly System in Package, a renewable food safety solution applicable from farm to fork. Green methods of sanitization for farms, food processing centers, restaurants and homes were demonstrated.

About the Trophy

The artwork the "Beauty of Rebirth" was selected as the trophy for the 2015 GCCA Awards. The trophy represents the growth of a tree, from seed, to blossoming and bearing fruit.

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About Cashido

Cashido Corporation is a Taiwan-based manufacturer of green solutions for home and industrial use. With a base in SMT manufacturing, Cashido's product line includes ozone systems, Micro Bubble solutions and LED lights for indoor plant growth.