South Davidson Library Media Center

Annual Report 2014-2015

Circulation Statistics:

Last year there were 5,718 items checked out from the library:

  • 6th grade - 2,101
  • 7th grade - 1,610
  • 8th grade - 786
  • 9th grade - 153
  • 10th grade - 130
  • 11th grade - 109
  • 12th grade - 101

The numbers here show a marked decrease in book checkouts as the students grow older. In high school, students have a limited number of calculators available, so taking that into account even fewer books were checked out.

We would like to increase these statistics in the following ways:

  • encouraging teachers to bring their classes to the media center more often.
  • promote reading for pleasure through the high school book club, Battle of the Books activities and using student created book talks.
  • bring more current titles to the media center.
  • keep an open and flexible schedule (before and after school, during lunch) to allow students to every opportunity to access the media center.
  • increase the number and variety of activities available for students to increase engagement and traffic.

Collection Snapshot

Currently, our library collection is at the minimum average copyright age as recommended for NCDPI. Our books on the average are older than most of our students.

If we can make changes to our collection closer to developing, we can add more titles that are aligned with common core and add more award winning, reviewed books for students to check out for leisure reading.

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How can we move closer to NCDPI's recommendations?

We need to weed old books that are out of date or irrelevant and add new books to the collection. Currently, DCS provides about $2.25 per student per year for print materials. There is currently no line item in either the middle school or the high school budget allocated to the media center for print or digital materials. The figure above is less than 10% of the suggested IMPACT funding guidelines.
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What about Digital Resources?

Currently, neither school subscribes to any digital resources for research. There are a few resources that the district provides and we can access NC Wise Owl from the media center home page. Because we don't subscribe, we cannot collect statistics for these resources.

We would like to increase the use of digital resources in the media center through collaboration with classroom teachers on research projects.

Students can access a variety of digital resources on the symbaloo through the media center home page:

What about e-books?

Although South Davidson Media Center currently owns 126 ebooks, only Dr. Allen's class took advantage of this resource last year. Pricing varies, but e-books with unlimited access are still considerably less expensive than one single print textbook. With the addition of chromebooks and the elimination of funding for textbooks by 2017, e-books make economic sense.

We would like to investigate investing some of our funding to purchase e-books to supplement classroom instruction. The purchase of e-books would help to bring our collection closer to NCDPI recommendations. We would also like to increase training on how to use e-books at home and in the classroom for teachers and students, and gather the input from classroom teachers to see what e-books they would like for us to purchase to align our collection to the common core.

Why is it important to fund our school library?

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