Boom of Sheep industry

Marcos Medellin lll, 4th period

The Orgin of the Sheep Booming

The real booming began before the civil war by a newspaper reporter named George Wilkins Kendall. He sets up a 5,000-acre ranch west of east of Boerne. Although there were many problems trying to set up a sheep farm he still encourged farmers from the north to come down to Texas and raise sheep. Even farmers from Europe came to Texas to farm sheep.

The Big Boom of the Sheep Industry

After the Civil War was over the demand for wool skyrocketed. Farmers from almost every where came to Texas to farm sheep and get weath from it. This came with a price though for famrers and their land. They had no room for most of the sheep and the sheep would eat other farmers grass or just eat to much. This also lead to a boom in brabed wire