Latin American Times

By:Avery Hardbeck

Mexico's Government

Mexico is a federal type of government. They gained their independence from Spain on September 16, 1810. The country is divided into 31 states with a central government. They are a democracy with a president. Their current president is Enrique Pena Nieto. All people are expected to vote at the age of 18 but it is a rule that is not enforced.

Mexico joined the United Nations in November of 1945 but they stay neutral during wars. They have a civil law system that is based on the United States law theory.

Mexico's Economy

Mexico's GDP is 1.18 trillion dollars. The main exports are machinery, transport equipment, mineral fuels and livestock. They also have fruits, vegetables and coffee. They have 370 billion dollars of exports. Agriculture, industry and labor are the main sources of income. As of today, they are 14 billion dollars in debt.

21.9 million people visit the country each year. They make money from tourism. Over half the country lives in poverty.

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The Government of Cuba

Based on my research Cuba is a communist government. And the ruler of Cuba currently is Raul Castro. The political party of Cuba is the Cuban communist party. Also, in Cuba you must be 16 years of age to be able to vote. And their executive branch has a council of ministers proposed by pres of council of state and appointed by the National assembly.

Now I am moving on to their legislative branch the National Assembly of peoples power. The number of seats based on the population. Now I will talk about their judicial branch, the people's supreme Court by which judges are elected by the National Assembly.

Cuba's economy

Cuba's economy has a budget of $47.78 billion. You might be wondering what are Cuba's main exports, well they are nickel, sugar, tobacco, shellfish, medical products, citrus, coffee. So that means the exports budget is $5.97 billion. Not to mention that their GDP of $60.81 billion. The gross domestic product per capita is $10,150.

Another thing you should know about Cuba's economy is that the consumer spending rate is 53.82. Also, Cuba's labor force rate is a 5. You should also know that Cuba's public debt is 35.8% GDP. Not to mention that their unemployment rate is 3.8%. And their agricultural products are sugar, tobacco, citrus, coffee, rice, potatoes, beans; livestock.

Brazil government

Brazil is a federal republic type of government. Since Brazil is a presidential democracy the president is elected for 4 year term. Also Brazil is a bicameral government. And there are 81 senators and the senators stay in that position for 8 years. Also, there are 26 states and each state has a governor and legislative branch.

Brazil gained it's independence from Portugal on September 7, 1822. If you were to start a business in Brazil you would have 152 days to start your business. Their suffrage law is that ages 16-18 you would vote voluntary but voting is required for ages 18-70. And the government spending rate is 41%.

Brazil's economy

So the first thing that I will talk about for Brazil's economy is their Gross Domestic Product which is $2.25 trillion. And their unemployment rate is 5.5%. Also, their public debt is 58.8% of GDP. And also their consumer spending rate is 62.76. And their main exports are manufacturing goods, iron ore, coffee, oranges, and other agricultural produce.

Don't forget about their labor force rate which is 105. And their tourist arrivals are 5.05 million. Also their cost of their exports are $242.60 billion. And Brazil's economic freedom is 57.7. Lastly their world trade exports would be 177.33 billion.

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