Calenders/ Dates

The Mayan calendar was adapted by other Mesoamerican. Uinal ( 1uinal = 20kin = 20days) tun ( 1 tun= 18 uinal= 360 days.)


They had many ways of writing like using pictures with numbers and they were really complex.


The accient mayan, a diverse group of midigenous people who lived in parts of present day mexico. Mayans were responsible for a number or remarkas scientic achrevememts.

Arts and Music

ART: Most of the Mayan arts were made out of paper, plaster, wood, obsidian ,bones, shells, jade, stone, clay, stucco, terracotta ,and metal but they didn't have enough of it. And sculptures were made of huge stones that were somehow moved through the rain forest. Paintings were not just on paper but on buildings and caves along with pottery and sculptures.

MUSIC: Mayans really appreciated music. Scientists have found proof of theaters their plays were put on for the public. The Mayans also danced and sang. They made drums, flutes, was a part of their culture everyone performed, adults and children.


Religion Rituals: Some of the religion rituals that the Mayans did were ...

-played the mesamerican ball game

-offered gifts to their gods by throwing objects into a well called a cenote.

-people prayed everyday to ask for success


-play wooden flutes

Customs: The Mayans made their own clothing, including their uniforms and shoes.


Mayans were skilled people and were a powerful class in Mayan society. Both woman and men could be rulers. The tribes lasted for 3000 years and were the only ones who fully develop written language. They were the first to create a calendar and a writing system that has 800 pictograph and was a big achievement. Around 300 b.c they adopted a higher archival system of government that was ruled by nobles and kings. In 900 a.d the southern Mayan abandoned their cities.

Folk Tales


Long ago, in Mayan land Flowers there were many different kinds of birds, who needed a king. This is the story of how they chose the king.


Most Pyramids were mostly were climb and they were mostly shape the same.

Houses and Buildings

Houses were rectangular and build on low platforms. Walls were made by wood and covered with adobe, roofs were made by short wood with palm founds.

Tools and Work Animals

The Mayans tools were usually made out of stone and tree bark. they made lots of things like temples and art. they used tools as weapons and farming. they used fire and basalt axe as tools, but usually didn't find it often because its dangerous . the rocks were made of flint, obsidian, granite, limestone and quartzite. They used a tool called a plumb bob to judge the accuracy, a heavy person would hang on a string so they could see how accurate their tools were.

City and Empire Layout

They had made lots of different houses from hay, wood and lots of moved materials .Also had pyramids they were all shapes but mostly the same.There were different types of pyramid some were for climbing and some were not.

Farming and Hunting

For the Mayans to get food from animals they would use traps and snares to catch them. Also they fished using nets and hook lines to catch fish in the rivers.


Lived in the area in central america which now consists of Yucatan, Guatemala, Belize, and Southern Mexico.


The Mayans traded a lot of goods like salt, chocolate, and cotton. The salt was milled and they planted chocolate and cotton. They grew squash, beans, chili peppers, amaranth, manioc, cacao, and sisal.

Government/ Taxes

The government was powerful and ruled city and states. Commoners had to pay taxes in order to support the king and the nobles. Each city and state had its own independent government.

Daily Life and Culture

Mayan females were mostly taking care of the kids, farming, and propagating the culture. The Mayan males mostly did the hunting all the hard work around the town and fighting.