By: Lauren Miller

My Winter Break

My Christmas at my Nana and Papa's house!

At my Nana and papa's I went sledding down their big hill. Also I played Christmas Bingo, its a game where when you get a bingo (On your christmas bingo board) you get to open a small gift. We also played cards alot, we played card games such as Tripoley and Hearts. Then we opened presents me and my sister got mainly Ducktape and crafty stuff. My brother got legos. We kids also got a boxing set, and I got a real bow and arrow.

Christmas at my house!

Me and my brother and sister all slept in my bed on Christmas night. Our plan was to wake up at 5:00 and race down stairs to see what Santa had brought us. So after saying goodbye to our elf on the shelf we went to bed. When I woke up (Though I had a Queen size bed) I was at the very edge of the bed and my brother was laying practically on top of me. Leaving my sister more than half of the bed. After completely waking up, I woke my brother and sister up, we raced down the stairs. We found our pile of presents from Santa. My favorite thing I got from Santa was a guitar. After eating breakfast we started opening presents that we gave to each other. One thing I got from my parents was a snow board, helmet, snowboard boots, and something thing that connects your boots to your snowboard. Also from Santa we got a bunch of 3-d movies, such as Smurfs 2, Planes, , and monsters university. Also I finished Jackie's Wild Seattle and I started reading The Swiss Family Robinson, and so far it is great!

New Years!

After Christmas we went sledding down a giant hill near our house. We also watched all of our 3-D movies and one with our nieghbors. Now for New Years Eve, I have had many fun New year's Eve parties but this one has to have been the funnest. We went to our friends the Goodins they have a boy my age a girl my sisters age a little girl younger than my brother and a baby boy. Some other familys came, their was a family that we know that came. They had a boy my age a girl my sisters age and a boy my brothers age. We played cards, the Wii, we also had a girls vs. boys war. At the end when it was only minutes till 2014 all the girls put on a play we had been working on. We got half way threw it then had a half time to go see the ball drop, and we missed it. We left. Then on New years we had a regular day.

Christmas at my Grandma and Grandpa's

We got to my Grandma and Grandpa's on Thursday. Our Grandma and Grandpa came to vist on Wensday so on Thursday they took us to their farm. Soon our five cousins came with their parents. Then the next day my parents and my other cousins came. All we did on those two days were that we played The scare game (A game where you hide than scare the person who is it when they come to your hiding spot. We also played sardines (A game where one person hides then the others try to find the hider who ever finds the hider first hides with them, and you do that until the last person finds the hider.) On Saturday we opened presents. I got an electric scooter and some roller skates. Saturday night we watched Dispicable me 2. Also over the weekend we skated on our Grandma and Grandpa's lake with out snow boots. On Sunday we left, and on Monday we went to the movie theater and watched Frozen a super good movie!