Sedreck Fields Foundation

By ASHRI, Manny and Madison

Mission Statement/About the Organization

Their main goal of the foundation is to support a healthy generation of kids through Sports.

They help kids of all ages in all sports at an affordable price. They have fitness programs for adults. Low income mothers get there kids on there feet, exercising and having fun with this organization.They even have been helping elite young athletes get to the Jr Olympics. The foundation also helps college athletes get scholarships. In 2012 the Sedreck Field Foundation got the best of Atlanta award.They are working to purchase a building where women and children from all over the world can come for help.

When it was founded

Founded: February, 1999

Founder/History of Foundation

Dionne Fields has created many foundations that have helped people in many ways including Van fields Foundation, and the Sedreck Fields Foundation. She is a single mother who created the foundation to help her children and other children in her community.

The foundation creates a safe environment for kids to have fun and stay active. It was founded in 1999 by Dionne Fields for her own child, being single mom, and others. She shows good citizenship, because she made the Sedreck Fields Foundation not only for her kid, but other kids who needed that support
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