Freedom Rides

By: Chloe, Alyana, Stephanie, Hunter

What happened?

In the freedom rides era, a group of 7 African Americans and 6 whites traveled in 2 buses to the South trying to provoke a frederal government into enforcing the Boynton decisions When they stopped along the way white riders used facilities designated for blacks and vise versa.

Important Things about the Era!

The Freedom Rides period was started in 1961 after WWll, during the cold war, and part of the Civil Right Movement. It took place in the South in multiple places such as Alabama, Virginia, Washington D.C, ect..

What led to this?

The African Americans and Mexican Americans were being discriminated by most of the community. In 1946 the U.S supreme court banned segregation in interstate bus travel. A year later the congress of racial equality (CORE) and the feloship of reconcioiation tested the ruling by staging the journey of reconcioiation.

Who caused This?

There were many freedom riders. There was a group of 10 people called the New Freedom Riders. There was also the U.S attorney General Robert F. Kennedy invloved along with 27 other freedom riders.

How did this effect and change the lifes of African Americans?

This expierienced the African Americans to diffrent minority groups. White people used balck facilities and black people used white facilities. So this gave them more rights and freedom even thought there were consequences.

How did this contribute to the Civil Rights Movement as A Whole?

The white and the black people proved that they can work together to make things right. It showed others that segregation is not right which is the whole point of the Civil Right Movement.

How Did this Lead to Future Events?

It made people take a stand and realize segregation is bad and to prevent it from happening by fighting for black rights.