India: The Place of Adventure

Created by Cole Jackson

What is India's Geography Like?

Have you ever felt the rush of water on your feet, or looked at a sunset fading behind mountains? Well, if you go to East India you can! There are town built around the magnificent Ganges river and you can just jump in! But that's not all! While cooling off in the gorgeous Ganges river, you can easily see the immense Himalayas right on the horizon. Going to look at the mountains at sunset is probably one of the best sight you will see during your stay.

What About the Animals in India?

In India there are plenty of unique animals that you won't find anywhere else. You and your family and friends can go on a beautiful safari or even just go to one of India's spectacular zoo's. Some of the animals you might see are Royal Bengal Tigers, Great Indian Elephants, Indian Rhinoceros, Great Indian Tigers, and the Indian Black Bear.
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What Are Some Attraction Sites I Can Go To?

India has a very big and interesting history that left behind many cities that show what actually happened way back when. One of these examples is the ruins of Mohenjo-Daro. Mohenjo-Daro was one of the first civilizations that sprouted up over all of India and lasted for about 600 years. Another great site is the Indus River valley. This valley was home to a civilization twice the size of the early Egyptian civilization. Last but not least the biggest city in India today, Mumbai. Mumbai has about 18.4 million people, is the ninth most populated city in the world, and is the capital city of the Indian state Maharashtra.

What Is India Like Today?

Okay so now this flyer has talked about the past and the land but now here is what India is like today. India has a VERY big population (1.252 billion to be exact) and in that there comes many historical landmarks. Some of these beautiful landmarks include The Taj MaHall, the Lotus Temple, and Akshardham. The Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is a beautiful temple made in India that is made out of white marble and attracts 3 million visitors annually. The Lotus Temple is a house of worship in India that was completed in 1896. It is the "Mother" Temple for India and is a major attraction of the Indian subcontinent. Finally, last but not least, Akshardham. Akshardham is a beautiful temple in New Delhi that was built by over 8,000 volunteers and opened in 2005.

Ugh...... The City is Boring

Need a break from the city? Go on a safari! The Indian subcontinent has dozens of mystical safaris that will leave you bewildered beyond compare. These safaris will show you the amazing animals of India. From lions to tigers to bears ( Oh My! ) your family and friends will not stop thanking you for taking them on one of these safaris.
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Traveler Tips

These are some tips to make sure you have the best experience in India.

  1. Get out of the city. One of the most recommended things to do in India is to go to the smaller villages out of the town. This makes sure that if you already live in a big city, you can get the city escape that your body needs. It also ensures that you won't be stuck crawling around in one of the big cities.
  2. Be prepared for noise. India is full of people... and A LOT of noise. You can wear earbuds to block out some of the noise by wearing headphones of earbuds.
  3. Choose a schedule that fits you. India has a lot of things to do and you can't do all of them in one stay. You should go out and pick precisely what you want to do and when to do it.

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