The Three Musketeers

Alexandre Dumas

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By: Tucker Roman

Plot Outline

Expositoin - Setting Meung, France, All characters- D'Artagnan, De Treville, Milady, Duke, Athos, Porthos, Aramis,

TE- ''The young man riding into the small French town of Meung that April morning in 1625 made the citizens stop their work and stare in amazement.''

Rising Action- Milady gives the Musketeers poisoned wine.

TE- ''What does it matter where the wine came from ,''said Porthos, lifting his glass,Let us drink it the same.'' "No"cried D'Artagnan,knocking the glass from his hand and rushing out of the tent.On the ground outside lay one of the guards from his company. The man was having terrible convulsion and choking . Then his body stiffened . He was dead from the wine D'Artagnan had poured for him moments before.''

Cilmax-Milady is executed.

TE-''When the boat reached the opposite shore, the executioner threw his prisoner down (Milady) on her knees . He raised his great sword above his head,then brought it down with all his strength.''

Falling Action- D'Artagnan gets a parchment.

TE-'' Look the cardinal gave me this commission .But i can't take it.It should go to you.''Athos smiled warmly and replied, ''My dear friend, this commission is far to much for a common soldier like Athos and far to little for the Count de la Fere . You have earned it. You keep it!''

Resolution-One For All and All For One

TE-''Never fear,'' said Athos as he wrote D'Artagnan's name on the blank line of the parchment . ''Even though we are now the Four Musketeers, we shall always be one for all and all for one!''

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Man vs Man

The Three Musketeers and D'Artagnan we're trying to capture and kill Milady (which they did)

An explanation for the theme

''The friendship in The Three Musketeers is between four young men who work together to defeat the evil things in the world . The Three Musketeers never argue and would always support and share with each other.


Protagonists : D'Artagnan, De Treville, Athos, Porthos.

Reasons why protagonists : These young men are the protagonists because they are all the 'good guys' who always are doing the right things and never have done something to hurt or harm another person.


Antagonist : Milady.

Reasons why she is the antagonist : Milady has done many crimes including murder. Not once , but many times over.

Four Facts about Musketeers

''A musketeer was an early modern type soldier equipped with a musket.Musketeers were an important part early modern armies , particularly in Europe . In most cases they were served as infantry , though sometimes they could operate on horseback . The musketeers were precursor to the riflemen .''

How the story could change to to days time period

How the historical setting matters : If you put the book The Three Musketeers in to days time this would be crazy... The Three Musketeers would be some crazy high rank in the military. They would not serve the King they would serve the president.
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