Stargirl: Jamie

Be yourself even if nobody likes you!


Archie: He is the one that Leo and many others go to if they have questions. Stargirl: She was the new kid. Nobody liked her because she was different. She wore different cloths and she always cheers for the other team. Leo:  He was by Stargirl side when nobody was taking to her and then nobody was talking to be because he and Stargirl were a couple.

Kids Pick

My favorite part of the book is when Stargirl asked Leo to go to her enchanted place. When the got there Stargirl told Leo to think and do nothing. Leo just couldn't because he was thinging of Stargirl!


Strong Verbs!

But Kevin was screaming on the phone. I jumped in the family pickup and raced to the stadium. I bolted from th truck. Kevin was at the gate, windmilling his arm: "Hurry!" I threw the dollar admission at the ticket window and we raced for the field. "See better up here," he said, yanking me into the stands. Page 22


 This book is about this girl named Stargirl, she was new to Mica High and everybody thought she was stranged by how she dressed and sang "Happy Birthday" to the students on their birthday! When they started to know her a little better she was on the cheerleading team and had alot of friends, but there was this one girl and boy that didn't like her at all! That was Hillari and Wayne Parr. Now that Stargirl was there for about 3 months the basketball team had won all the games and never LOST! This one game Stargirl was a little over board and cheered for the other team! The other team won and they lost! The left Stargirl at the school all by herself with not one person from her grade or school was there with her!   One day Stargirl and Leo became a couple! Leo did not like the way Stargirl looked and how people didn't talk to her. She loved him so much that she changed for him and thought maybe people would like her too! Nothing worked and she became her sekf again! She lead a dance at their prom and she kissed Hillari because she punchs her! Then the next day she was gone! Leo found out where her office was and on his birthday... He got a porcupine necktie, and he thought it was from her because when Leo was a kid he got one from someone!

Resoures- Stargirl Jerry Spinelli!

Book Pages-13 & 14,  Goole Images for the pictures,    Packet Page 8 &11