Lucretia Mott

Marcos Rodrigues

Biographical Information

Lucretia Coffin, a women's rights activist, was born in Nantucket, Massachusetts on January 3, 1793. She attended a Quaker boarding school in New York State where she met her future husband, James Mott, at the age of 13. Lucretia married James Mott in 1811 while living in Philadelphia, and on 1821 she became a Quaker minister.

Involved in the Movement

Lucretia Mott was the president of the women's rights movement that was launched in the Seneca Falls Convention which she called for. Lucretia Mott pushed against restrictions imposed upon women by society. In addition to other women, Lucretia Mott prayed aloud in gatherings of men and women, and she argued for women's suffrage.
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Lucretia Mott - Philadelphia's Revolutionary