Democratic-Republican Party

By Ben Ling and Emilee Eckholm

Main Issues

  • Government
  • Government's Powers
  • People powers


We the Democratic-Republican Party want the power to be smaller. With a strong central government, it will threaten the way of life for you and me. If the nation government gets to big they will overtake the nation and we, the people will not have a say in anything anymore. We believe the power should be spread out a little.

Government's Powers

The Democratic-Republican party feels strong that the government does not have implied powers. We feel that we should stick to the constitution. What it says goes. We must go off of the constitution for the powers. One example is that the Federalists want to create a bank but in the constitution, it says no where that we can do it. If we stray from the constitution then we are creating something different.

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People's Power

The people power of the country is important. The Federalists want this country to be controlled only by a few people. We believe that this government should be ran by the whole nation. The liberty ad freedom will only be safe if the ordinary people particapte in this government.

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Political Cartoon

This cartoon represents how Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tied. They are fighting for the presidents spot. The people questions whether Aaron burr should be president because he was running for Vice President.

"An Apple a day keeps the Federalists away"

Republican Don't Sin, They Win.

Editoral Letter

You should join the Democratic-Republican Party because we want a SUPER Strong Government! We don't want the government to get too big that they overtake the nation and take away our say in things! NO! We believe the power should be spread out like butter on toast! We feel we should stick to the constitution! What it says goes! The Federalists want to create a bank! AHHH NO! Not today! It doesn't say anything about creating a bank in the constitution! The people power of the country is VERY important to us! The Federalists only want it controlled by a few people! NAH! We believe the government should be ran by the nation! Our main issues are government! Governments powers! AND! PEOPLE POWERS! So join the Democratic-Republican Party today! Remember "Republicans don't sin, they WIN!"