Not a Drop to Drink

by Mindy McGinnis

"Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink" - Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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Could you imagine having to survive on your own in the woods where every person you come across is a potential threat?
Taking place in the near future where fresh water has become extremely rare, a young girl by the name of Lynn struggles to survive. Fighting off bandits and ending those who came too close to their pond was not out of the ordinary; until one day Lynn's mother is killed by a pack of coyotes leaving Lynn all alone. She soon makes friends with a neighbor Stebbs the only other person in the world she knew.
the author, Mindy McGinnis lives in a very similar place to the setting of the story. With having both an interest and some rare skills in survival in the woods she is very ideal person to write a book like this.
"not to be missed." - New York Times bestselling author Michael Grant
Rated almost four stars on this book has all the hype, and you should't miss out.