the best time of your life

come on down for fun world

what are we going to do for the summer vacation

hey if your kids say hey mom its summer i am board hey kid lets go to fun land here at fun land we have everything you want if you can't aford what you need to do is enter at contest online if you win a free trip to fun world and you don't half to pay for anything we have about 4 water parks and 5 motel and on wenday and fridays and sunday and satraday we have all you can eat buffet and everybody that come we even throw in a free iPod and iPad and a free laptop

how are the motel

the motel are wonderful we have the best foods and best maid and best bed and we have everything that you want if you just say the word and we will do it and are motel you are tread it as family so come and relexs
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how are the foods

the foods are pretty good and delicious and we have the top chief in the world and we will treat you to dessert and breakfast lunch and dinner and what ever you need we are their 100 precent

at the end of the vaction

at the end of the vaction we would like to do a concert we have one direction and justin bieber and carry underwood and alice keys and before you go home we send you with a free iPad and anther iPod and we pay for your trip home
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