Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston

Authors Biography

Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston

  • Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston's Date Of Birth Is On September 26, 1934.

Interesting Facts

  • She & Her Family Spent 3 Years In An Internment Camp.
  • She Lived In Southern California Until 1942. (Then Forcely Taken To Manzanar)
  • She Was Born In IngleWood California.

How Did Jeanne Become Inspired To Write ?

  • What Inspired Her To Write Was Her Experiences At The Japanese Camp She Was In .
  • Japanese Americans Who Were Imprisoned During World War II .

How Successful Was This Author During Her LifeTime?

  • She Attended San Jose St. College.
  • She Studied Sociology.
  • She Studied Journalism.

Why Is This Author Considered Influencial ?

  • Because She Influenced Young People During the War.

Identify 5 Characteristics of This Author. . . . .

  • Black Hair.
  • Nice Smile.
  • Alive.
  • Japanese.
  • Fearless.