How Does Technology Control Us

By Niset Eav

Social Media

You may not know this but technology is taking over the way we all live. Social media is a big part of this as well. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google, Gmail, etc. They are types of social media. When you think of social media you think of these. Most website require you to enter you're real name, date of birth, address and more. Not only that the website keeps tabs on you and everybody else the information you put in is public! We are controlled by this because we enter in these website and post daily about our life, what we do, and where we are. Social media influences us to hop on the bandwagon and post about the trending topic, to copy others because they seem to get alot of followers and attention. We all want attention!

For example if I post on Facebook that somebody passed away in my family, it attacts attention. Everybody would know and not just people I know but random strangers could find and see everything and anything I posted about myself. Once something is uploaded on to the internet, it impossible to get rid of it. It will spead like a wildfire. Everything I'm telling you, I know for a fact is true and im not the only person who realized this, here is 2 links to website that states most of the things im telling you about.

The News spreads information locally and worldwide for people to see, but social media isn't just on the internet it's all around us. Newspapers, people talking, letters, bulletins etc. The whole world is consumed by technology and social media, even if the area is deserted and there is no technogy around, most likely the place was document or recorded somehow. The twenty first century is turning modern tech into advance technology. School are using computers instead of text books. I have this at my school now personally. Kids are getting IPads for educational and fun purposes. Past history is even added in the internet and recorded. Everybody can post and create almost anything through the internet and technogy. I can go on forever and tell you how it's bad and good but how do you feel about this? Do we depend on technology to much? How will this effect us in the future? What will happen when it's all gone? Only time will tell.

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