Titian's Renaissance

By Martin

When was Titian born?

Titian is believed to be born in 1488 in Pieve di Cadore near Belluno in the Republic of Venice

Where did Titian spend most of his life?

When Titian was a young teenager he and his brother moved to Venice to live with their uncle and there they learned about painting.

What was Titian's education in art?

He was trained by Giovanni Bellini and Giorgione.

What type of art did Titian create?

Many famous painting such as Assumption of the Virgin and Venus and the Lute Player.

Who are Titian's patron's?

One of Titians patron's is Emperor Charles V, and Pope Paul the III.

Assumption of the Virgin

Created in 1516-1518 painted in Venice by Titian now rests in Basilica di Santa Maria Gloriasa, Venice.

the significance of the piece is that it shows very dramatic gestures, and great use of colors he symbolically uses geometric structures to create his piece he's also very detailed in his art.

I find this Painting interesting because it shows a lot of detail and and expression of the people.

How does the painting exemplify one renaissance idea?

Humanism is is an example of a popular idea during this time. About being of ones nature and being ones self.

This painting shows humanism by showing emotions of the people of that time period.

Conclusive statement

Titian was a very famous artist during his time, and although now fewer people know of him he is still equally as good of an artist as before.

"Portrait of a Man"