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In my role as the HS Instructional Coach, I find myself learning new information related to instructional strategies, assessment, data, and media & technology applications that I want to share.

This newsletter provides a forum for sharing such resources and information. My goal is to design a monthly publication where teachers can review some professional learning resources related to our vision and/or get a sneak peak into something new.

I hope you find it useful and easy to navigate.

An Introduction to Instructional Coaching

What is the Role of a Instructional Coach?

  • To provide support to all teachers in implementing best practices.
  • To focus on student achievement through collaboration with teachers and administrators.
  • To promote a community of learners.
  • INSTRUCTIONAL COACHING MENU - A list of potential professional coaching roles

An Instructional Coach is NOT-

  1. An “expert”
  2. A supervisor
  3. A “spy” for administration
  4. A teaching assistant

21st Century Learning & Assessment ~ Critical Thinking

Critical thinking involves the strategies we use to think in organized ways to analyze and solve problems (from In "Start with Higher-Order Thinking", the author shares three strategies that encourage students to think deeply.

  1. Designing Open Questions
  2. Encouraging Thinking, Not Retelling
  3. Teaching Student Self-Assessment

OTHER CRITICAL THINKING RESOURCES from The Partnership for 21st Century Learning

What We Know About Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Resources


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Amy Secor

Elizabethtown Area High School

Instructional Coach