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So 2 Singing Cabeza Hombros Rodillas y Dedos

3/21/16 Weekly Updates

Where has the time gone? Between gearing up for Spring Break and knowing that we only have two months left of school, I am realizing that summer is right around the corner!

Spanish 2 has been having a good time learning their body parts in Spanish--with 6th hour showcasing their "Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" skills to their peers at lunch! (See video below!) This vocabulary is paired with daily routine vocabulary, which we are currently learning. This week we will wrap our lessons around my favorite Señor Wooly song, No voy a levantarme (I'm not going to get up). It's set to a Nirvana-esque tune, so I am summoning up my 1990's nostaglia!

Coming to a Spanish Class Near You!

  • Unit 7A - Reflexive Verbs Formative - Thursday, March 24th
  • Unit 7A - Affirmative/Negative Words Formative - Friday, April 8th
  • Unit 7A Summative - Thursday, April 14th

Curriculum Corner

Unit 6B

  • Saber and Conocer (Verbs meaning "to know")
  • -zco Verbs
  • Indirect Objects and Indirect Object Pronouns

Your student needs to look over the new vocabulary words and concepts for 5 minutes per night!

Instagram Challenge!

If you spot Spanish being used out in the "real world", post it on Instagram and tag me in it!

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