Welcome to our Science Class!

By: Nathan Duong

Earthquake PBL Project

The Earthquake PBL Project is about building Tony Stark a house that is strong enough to withstand an earthquake, while only using a certain amount of resources, and a certain height. The driving question is, as structural engineers how can we build Tony Stark a house that can withstand an earthquake. The main point of doing this project is to inform us about what we need to create a house to withstand an earthquake.
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30 Hands Project

During the 30 Hands Project I learned about climate change, signs of climate change, how it affects the world, the Greenhouse Effect, what contributes to the Greenhouse Effect, global warming, emissions from human activity, and results of human activity. My favorite part of the project was creating the pic collages, because it was fun to design them.

30 Hands Slides

Invention Convention

Our invention solves the problem of pollution from cars, and does not use any fossil fuels. Our car helps solve this problem by using renewable resources instead pf nonrenewable resources, and generates its own electricity, through solar power, wind power, and friction. It has solar panels on the top parts of the car, a wind turbine that turns while driving the car, and friction wheels that generate electricity while the car is driving.

My Favorite Unit!!!

My favorite Unit, was Unit 4: Weathering, Erosion, and Deposition. I liked Unit 4 the most was because we got to go outside and take pictures of different types of weathering. That is not the only thing, we got to do a ton of experiments. My favorite experiment was the Stream Table Demo Lab because we got to race the qorks, and it was also a lesson that we learned out of it.