by: Taylor, Sidney, Eric, and Rebekah

Victories for Conservatives

Tax Cuts Under Reagan and Bush- Reaganomics cut taxes to increase the production of goods. The ERTA was passed to embody supply-side principles (pg 983).

Contract with America- New Gingrich promoted the "Contract with America" which explained what Republicans promised to do if they became the majority in the House of Representatives (pg 1021).

Setbacks for Conservatives

Planned Parenthood vs. Casey - The court upheld a law requiring a 24-hour waiting period prior to an abortion. (page 1020)

Bellicose Rhetoric

Bellicose Rhetoric was a stylistic rhetoric that Ronald Reagan had utilized. It is known to be an aggressive and effective way of speaking or writing. Reagan used this during the Cold War to have anti-Soviet rhetoric and called USSR, "the Evil Empire."

North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)

In 1993, the United States, Canada, and Mexico signed the North America Free Trade Agreement, which had envisioned to have a creation of a free-trade zone in North America. The primary goal of the NAFTA was to eliminate barriers of trade between the three nations. It also eliminated tariffs on many exports to and from Mexico.

Pages: 970,1010

"Big Government"

Size and scope of the government could not be reduced under conservatives despite denouncing "Big Government". (pg.995) Due to this Social Security and other programs were untouched, and military spending was outweighing cuts in other programs.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

In 2011, President Barack Obama repealed the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy and ordered that gay men and lesbians be allowed to serve openly in the armed forces. (page 1031)