My Digital Dossier

By Rana 7E


I post pictures/videos on Instagram and I text people. I also follow my friends and celebrities on Instagram. I also have 217 people following me, that means 217 people are seeing my photos and videos.

Kik and Whatsapp

Kik and Whatsapp are pretty familiar. I use both to text people and you have a display picture where you put a picture of yourself so that people know it's you. For Whatsapp you put in your number to join, for Kik all you have to do is put your email and your name.


Snapchat is something I use very often. Its where you upload picture and 10 second videos on your "story" that only last for 24 hours. You can add people and see their stories. You can also send text messages, pictures, and 10 second videos to your friends.
My digital dossier would probably be collected from these apps since I use them a lot, but I don't think that my digital dossier started before I was born because I know that my mom did not take photos. My digital dossier would be very big because I post a lot.