Mixed Economy

In between Socialism and Free Enterprise.

Introduction to Mixed Economy:

The benefits of a Mixed Economy are that the people have control as well as the government, but neither control everything. The government doesn't control everything like in a Command Economy but it doesn't do practically nothing like in a Free Enterprise Economy, a Mixed Economy allows for some government regulation in areas where there is market failure. People should want a mixed economy because so far it seems to be working for the United States, also because it allows for more than one group of people to be in control. (People and Government)

The Facts:

The Mixed Economy works by having a level of private economic freedom but also let's the government come in to achieve social aims. The government is in charge of public affairs and people who have private businesses are in charge of their business. People are paid by their jobs, and the government also pays people as well, the government buys and sells what it needs with other countries, and the people buy and sell what they need as long as it's allowed.
Mixed Economy


People don't like Mixed Economy because they think the government has to much control. Yes the government does have control, but so do the people. The government can take over somethings (Public Things) but they can't really control private businesses unless the business have someone working at it who is wanted by the F.B.I or they are doing something wrong.


People should want to live in a Mixed Economy because the government doesn't control everything and the people don't either. Mixed is great because it's mixed.