Work place debrief

Infusion Hair Salon

Type of industry

Personal services/hair dressing.

positives and negatives of my workplace.


  • you are busy all day, which keeps you occupide.
  • It can be fun and you learn new things each week.


  • you are on your feet all day.
  • very repetitive work.

My work roles

  1. rip hair foil and cut wax strips.
  2. sweep and mop salon floor.
  3. folded towels and capes.
  4. re-organizing product self.
  5. clean trolleys with spray and paper towel.

new skills learned

  • I learned when taking out hair foils you start from the bottom and work your way up.
  • gowning a client, you first have to put a towel on their shoulders before puting the cape on them and making sure their hair does not get caught.

Major tasks completed.

Ripping hair foil

This task was fun and gave you some time to relax after being on your feet through out the day.

Making tea and coffee for clients

I enjoyed helping out and I'm good at making teas and coffees.

Taking out hair foils

I learnt how to take out hair foils, it was a very new thing to me and it was a little nerve racking but i enjoyed helping out with it.
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Is this a pathway I want to follow

Yes this is a pathway I want to follow. You learn new things all the time and the work environment is good and fun to be in. This work experience was a great learning experience.