Your Own Branded Social Network

What is YOBSN?

Get rewarded for giving something away for free....

Have you heard of this fantastic new social network - YOBSN?

Everything you expect from a Social Network plus so much more.

Amazing rewards program, prizes such as Laptops, and even cash prizes paid in $$$!

They also have some terrific Games, where you can win Social points and Cash prizes!

Learning Material for Scholars and Students in "My University"

Plus much much more ........

All of this and it costs you nothing!

Yes it's absolutely Free to register and start enjoying what YOBSN has to offer.

  • Prizes
  • Games
  • Educational Material
  • Best Sites
  • Spam free Chat and e-mails
  • and much much more ...........

When you join, I earn points for referring you, which I am able to redeem in their Rewards Store.

There are many ways to earn points and get rewarded. The best news is that you can earn them too!

We have already given away tens of thousands of dollars in cash and prizes to members around the world and there are even terrific "matching prizes" to be won!

In other words if you win something I win the same. How great is that? The same goes if you pass on YOBSN to a friend and he wins something, YOU win the same.

Excited yet?

The YOBSN Mobile App and three Mobile Games are currently being produced by one of the most respected mobile development companies in the world. This company has created major applications for some of the world's largest Fortune 500 technical companies and best-selling games for the Playstation 3, Smart Phones, Tablets and Social Networks.


Who wants to join our exciting venture?

I am waiting to welcome you to my world.


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