texas state university

texas state

Texas state is a university that is located in san Marcos Texas

it has more than 36,000 students Texas State offers opportunities for discovery and innovation to faculty and students. Texas State is proud to be a tobacco-free campus.

interesting facts about texas state

57% of the people their are females

72% of people receive financial aid

Texas State University is a public institution that was founded in 1899

Texas State University's ranking in the 2015 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities

whats their school Mascot ?

their school mascot is a bobcat

how many freshmans are aceppted each year?

57.6% freshman applicants and 23 applied to attend the fall semester 2012

whats the population of the city and school ?

54,076 (in 2013)

Texas State University has announced the most diverse student body in the school's history, part of a record-setting enrollment of 35,568 for the 2013 fall semester.

That increase from the enrollment of 34,225 for the 2012 fall semester. It marks the 16th consecutive year Texas State has set a new record for total enrollment

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W: Ohala que entre al collegio de Texas State

E: Voy a extranar a mis padres mucho si me mudo a un dormitorio

I: Texas state tiene muchos estudientes

R: Mi mama me recomienda que ponga etencion en lo que quiera hacer con mi vida

D: Dudo que no entre a Texas State

O: Yo le ordeno a mi familia que tenga su support cuando entre a ese collegio

W: Ohala que me gradue de Texas State

E: Mis padres estarian orgullosos de mi si voy a Texas State

I : Tengo que ser muy enteligenye para ir a ese collegio

R: Casi todos mis maestros me recomiendan que valla ahi

D: Dudo que valla a otro collegio

O: Yo le ordeno a mi mama que me deja etender Texas State