The Viking Voice 2016-2017



Monday, May 22nd
5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

FJH Awards Day Activity Schedule

Thursday, May 25th

9:00 am - 8th grade awards
1:00 pm - 6th grade awards
2:15 pm - 7th grade awards

The ceremonies will take place in the green gym. Please park on the gym side and use that entrance to check in.


Thursday, May 25, 2017.
6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. at FJH

Tickets will will go on sale Monday, May 15th, for $10 ea. during all lunches.

2016-2017 Yearbook

Yearbooks are in and will be given out after the week of STAAR Testing.
Dates and times coming soon.


Please save your Box Tops for Education. Each Box Top is worth .10 cents. It doesn't sound like a lot but it adds up quickly. Last year we collected about $1000 in Box Tops. All money will be used to help buy new PE equipment for our school.
We can beat last years total with your help! We have a collection box at the front entrance to drop your box tops in. Thanks for your continued support of FJH!

Empower 1:1 iPad Initiative

Parents and Students,

The technology department along with our campus instructional technologist distributed iPads to 7th and 8th graders who have either paid their $50 usage/insurance fee or have paid $10 to begin their monthly payments. As students have paid, they have been issued iPads. If you have paid your fee but haven't received either your district iPad or charging cord/brick, we appreciate your patience as we are verifying information and necessary documents. If you have not paid your fee, you can send the payment to the front office or go online and pay through mySchoolBucks where you can create a free account and pay money towards not only your iPad fee but also other school fees as well as your lunch account.

Financial Problems

If you have chosen not to participate in the program for financial reasons, please contact for inquiry on reduced monthly rates which allow you to continue to meet the $50 fee over a longer period of time. We don't want any student that desires to participate to be left out! Note: Checks that return with NSF will result in the student iPad being immediately collected from student. All bank fees must be cleared and the iPad fee paid before student will receive the iPad again. If you have set up a monthly payment plan and do not pay each month, the iPad will be collected from the student until the monthly payment is made. Reminders will be sent, but payments can be made at any time before reminders are sent.

Charging Bricks/Cords

Students who are still waiting to receive their charging brick/cord will be receiving those this week as there was a shortage due to students not returning bricks/cords at the end of the 2015-16 school year. There is a "juice box" in the library where students can charge their iPads during the day if they haven't received their charger cord/brick yet or if their iPad battery is low from usage. Lost bricks/cords are $17.50 each or $35 for both. Replacement cords must be Apple Certified cords and Apple Certified bricks if you choose to replace your lost brick/cord on your own. If your cord/brick are either not working or damaged, please bring them to Mrs. Corry for exchange. Exchanges are given for normal wear and tear at no charge.

Damaged iPads

If your iPad is damaged in any way, your $50 insurance fee covers 1 damage incident for the current school year. Please bring the damaged iPad to the library, fill out a green work order and submit it for repair. Do not take the iPad to an outside source for repair or try to repair damaged iPads on your own. Repairs could take a while, so we appreciate your patience. If an iPad malfunctions, students can submit their iPad with a work order in the library, and it will be inspected by our iOS staff. A decision will be made as to whether the malfunction is a result of student negligence/damage or a device defect. Device defects will be repaired/replaced with no fee usage. Please see page 7 of the Empower guidelines for more information.

Lost or Stolen iPad

Please report lost iPads to the front office or Mrs. Corry immediately. We will do whatever we can to locate lost iPads. If an iPad is stolen, parents must file a police report with their local police department. Please see page 8 of the Empower guidelines for more information.

No App Store

The student iPads are managed by the district through Apple School Manager. There is no App Store in which students can download apps of their choice, however apps are available for download in the Self Service app and can only be downloaded while a student is connected to the school's "student" wifi. The apps that are included in Self Service have been chosen by district teachers and staff and is continually updated as teachers submit suggested apps that will be used in their lessons. Students are provided with some paid apps through Self Service at no cost to them. Students won't be able to add money to their iCloud account as this account has been created by the district and is managed by the district. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

Wifi Information

Students must keep their devices on the "student" wifi while at school in order for the iPad to work with our network. If an app doesn't work, check your wifi. The technology department staff are the only personnel that know the password, so see Mrs. Corry or the campus technician if you need help reconnecting. Outside of school students are allowed to connect to their home wifi or a public wifi, but please be aware that the district filters do not apply outside of the district and inappropriate content may be accessible. Parents are encouraged to stay informed and manage your student's iPad usage at home when it doesn't apply to a student's school work. Common Sense Media is a great website for parents and students to stay informed and be educated about digital media! BE SAFE ONLINE! Any student who does not follow the iPad guidelines inside and outside of school will have their iPad collected and disciplinary actions taken.

More Information

Please be sure to read the district's Empower documents for more information not included in this posting. Parents and students who have agreed to the usage agreement are responsible for being informed.


Please feel free to email and ask questions of which you can't find answers here or in the Empower documents. Our campus technology integration specialist is Rachelle Corry and can be reached at

FJH Student Online Textbooks and Resources

Click HERE for the menu. Students can get their login information from their teachers.

Evidence of Excellence Blog

Last year, Deer Park ISD created the Evidence of Excellence blog on the District website. The blog gathers short news stories and photos covering student and staff accomplishments from across Deer Park ISD. Parents, community members, and employees are encouraged to visit the blog often. It is updated several times a week with the latest news about our students and employees.

DPISD Junior High Student Handbook

It is important that students and their parents know the districts policy on tardies (page 5), cell phones (page 9) and dress code (page 10). Please make sure to read those items and more by clicking HERE.