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May 9, 2016

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Exciting News!!!

The State Department of Education has newly created SLD Initial Eligibility Report, 3 year Referral form, 3 year Reevaluation Eligibility Report (for all categories) and Sufficiency Review Forms. These documents are available for review and the SDE would like your input. There will be approximately 30 days to add your voice to these new documents. You can follow this link to view a webinar which explains the documents:


The documents are also at the same website.

Special Populations and the Law Conference

We had good attendance and a positive response to the law conference and plan to have it available through webinar again next year. This conference is not available for viewing but we do have the PowerPoint handouts in the Special Services office.

Behavior Consult at IEP Meetings

If you have a student who receives Behavior Consulting Services from TL, please invite her to the student’s IEP meeting.

Extended School Year

If any of your IEP students have extended school year on their IEP, please contact Donna for summer school registration forms. Pages 93-94 of the Special Education Manual 2015 delineate ESY eligibility.

Upcoming Events

Peer Review Dates for May

We need the following case managers to attend IEP Peer Review on Wednesday,

May 11th, 12:00 - 3:00 in Conference Room 2 at DSC: Tisha Goodwin, Delann Larson, Maureen Drenker, Judy Woodward, Cheryl Howard, Beckee Staker, Kate Hicks, Claudia Amen, Jacoby Sneddon, Minerva Gonzales, Don Garner, Carol Loveless, Jenn Cole, and Adelle Giles. We will have 3 laptop computers available to facilitate EIP changes.

Mileposts and Student IEP Accommodations and BIPS

Case Mangers please have student accommodations and Behavior Intervention Plans put into Mileposts for each individual student. This will help students as summer school teachers and teachers in the fall will have access to critical student supports.

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We are looking to take a team of 5-6 people to the Mileposts Summit. If you are interested, or have teachers who might be interested, please let Ashley know. There will be sessions for beginners as well as advanced. If you have teacher interested in using Gooru, for online textbooks, and resources, there will be sessions on that as well.

When: June 20-21

Where: Boise

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