Welcome to Spectacle, New York

The best place you'll ever be!

About Spectacle, New York

Spectacle is a town in New York, there are many fun things to do. Some fun things that there are is a beauty pageant, circus acts, stores and ect. You will not see what you would see in normal town. On, Witch Tree Lane there are many misfit people, where all the misfits fit in. There is this girl named Doris Day and she is not a normal one, she's the type to be very up and crazy, we'll everybody else is relaxed and chill. Doris will be right with you to give you a tour.
Doris Day: When I Fall In Love

Doris Day

So this is the amazingly talented beautiful Doris Day, this is who Doris Dingman based her life after her, she wanted to be just like her!
President John F. Kennedy's "Peace Speech"

John F. Kenedy

This is John F. Kenedy's famous speech so there could be peace in the worl and nobody will fight with each other. He always does the right thing but people don't like that.
Royal Circus (1960)


This is a circus is from the 1960's and in the book it say that Doris Day did not make the part to be in the circus, so how hard do you think it is to get in the circus.

Have you ever wondered how to fit in, let me tell you how:

How to fit in...

  • You don't have to have a have a normal family
  • Share the same interests
  • Don't argue with people
  • Act how everyone else does

People you should talk to:

Talk to...

  • Ellie Dingman
  • Holly Major
  • The Dad
  • Miss Woods
  • Miss Nelson
  • Hollie

People you should not talk to:

Don't talk to...

  • Doris Dingman
  • Tammy
  • Nancy
  • Anita

Places you should go to when you come to spectacle:

Places you should go...

  • The circus
  • Bosetti Supermarket
  • Bosetti Beauty Pagent
  • The assasination of JohnF. Kenedy
  • The witch tree being ruined