Western Expansion

United States and Missouri History and Geography

What was the purpose and outcome of people traveling westward?

Missouri History Academic Vocabulary


ethnic groups


Louisiana Purchase

Thomas Jefferson

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Westward Expansion

Missouri Compromise


Topic 1

Significant Individuals and Events

I can describe the significance of the individuals from Missouri who have made contributions to our state and national heritage.

Missouri Book

Page 104-109

Famous Missourians Research

Convince the Manor Hill Famous Missourians Panel why your nominee is worthy of being inducted into the Patriot Hall of Fame.


Following the Famous Missourian graphic organizer, research the topics on your nominee. You will use information from their life and achievements to convince the panel that your Missourian should be inducted into the Patriot Hall of Fame. Your work will be on display for all Patriots and visitors of our school to see. Be sure to do your best!


Go to the Manor Hill Library Homepage

Click on Explora (right side of page)

Click on Biographies

Type your Missourians name

Turning your research into a persuasive piece

Now that you have researched your Missourians achievements and life, you will incorporate persuasive writing features into your work. Think about what makes your Missourian so special, unique, or qualified to be in the Hall of Fame. Using persuasive sentence starters and the writing format below, begin composing your nomination.
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Patriot Hall of Fame

You will be building a replica of your Famous Missourian Nominee to be on display at Manor Hill.
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Now that you have created your pop bottle Missourian, you will be using Chatterpix to help your nominee "come to life".

Chatterpix will make your Missourian "talk". Click on this link to see an example of how a 2nd grader in Mrs. Hansen's class at Lewis and Clark used Chatterpix to make their Native American totem pole "talk".

Record yourself reading your Famous Missouri Hall of Fame nomination with an iPad. Then, come to your teacher and they will help you drop the recording into Chatterpix.

We will be loading your digital presentation onto SeeSaw for your family to view.

Topic 2

Discovery, Exploration, and Settlement

I can locate and describe settlements in Missouri of people of European and African heritage.

Missouri Book

The First People of Missouri

pages 128-147

The Arrival of Europeans

page 150-156

French Exploration and Settlement

Missouri's recorded history begins in the latter half of the 17th cent. when the French explorers Jacques Marquette and Louis Jolliet descended the Mississippi River, followed by Robert Cavelier, sieur de La Salle, who claimed the whole area drained by the Mississippi River for France, calling the territory Louisiana. When the French explorers arrived the area was inhabited by Native Americans of the Osage and the Missouri groups, and by the end of the 17th cent. French trade with the Native Americans flourished.

In the early 18th cent. the French worked the area's lead mines and made numerous trips through Missouri in search of furs. Trade down the Mississippi prompted the settlement of Ste. Geneviève about 1735 and the founding of St. Louis in 1764 by Pierre Laclede and René Auguste Chouteau, who were both in the fur-trading business. Although not involved in the last conflict (1754–63) of the French and Indian Wars, Missouri was affected by the French defeat when, in 1762, France secretly ceded the territory west of the Mississippi to Spain. In 1800 the Louisiana Territory (including the Missouri area) was retroceded to France, but in 1803 it passed to the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

French influence remained dominant, even though by this time Americans had filtered into the territory, particularly to the lead mines at Ste Geneviève and Potosi. By the time of the Lewis and Clark expedition(1803–6), St. Louis was already known as the gateway to the Far West.

Site: FactMonster

Topic 3

Louisiana Purchase

I can sequence and describe the importance of the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark Expedition.

I can describe the contributions of Thomas Jefferson.

Why is Thomas Jefferson important to Missouri history?

Why are Lewis and Clark important to Missouri history?

Why did Thomas Jefferson decide to purchase the Louisiana Territory?

Today's Meet

Using Today's Meet share your findings while you research on Pebble Go..

Pebble Go

Find out some background knowledge about Lewis and Clark, Sacagawea, and President Thomas Jefferson.

Louisiana Purchase Infographic

Missouri Book

pages 160-165

Louisiana Purchase Check In

After reading pages 160-165 in our Missouri book complete the Louisiana Purchase worksheet. Be sure to go back into the text to check your answers.

Main Idea

Read The Louisiana Purchase and answer the questions on the Padlet.
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Thomas Jefferson

Read U.S. Presidents Thomas Jefferson

Using the graphic organizer that I gave you, identify the main idea and 3 supporting details from the passage. On the back are six comprehension questions, be sure to go back in the text and find the answers.
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Topic 4

Westward Expansion

I can summarize the events in westward expansion, including people's motivation, their hardships, and Missouri as a jumping-off point to the West.

How and where did the first European settlers decide to settle in Missouri?

What are some of the reasons why people wanted to travel West? What does it mean to be a "jumping off point"?

I can evaluate the impact of westward expansion on the Native Americans in Missouri.

How were Native Americans affected by Westward Expansion?

Missouri Book

pages 190-197

All About the Oregon Trail

The Pony Express

Read The Pony Express, you will then fill out the graphic organizer for main idea and supporting details. Be sure to pay attention to the TIP.
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Native Americans

The Missouri

The Plains Indians

The Osage

Feel free to follow the Related button to find our more information about Native Americans.

Topic 5

Civil War

I can explain Missouri's role in the Civil War (Missouri as a border state). I can explain issues of Missouri statehood such as the Missouri Compromise.

Why was there so much conflict in Missouri during the Civil War?

Britannica School American Civil War

Missouri Book

pages 180-187

pages 200-213

Dred Scott Supreme Court Decision

Topic 6


I can describe the changes in Missouri since the Civil War in education, transportation, and communication (railroad, telegraph).

How did transportation, education, and communication change after the Civil War?

Missouri Book

pages 218-227

Folklore Literature

Tall Tales

I can make connections between the written text of a story and a visual or oral presentation of the text.

I can make connections between a written text and a dramatic interpretation of the same text.

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