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Warriors live by the S.P.E.A.R!

Fall Sporting Events for the Month of August

9/5/23. Volleyball North Lincoln. 4:30 PM Away

9/5/23 Women's Golf Glen Oaks 3:00 PM Away

9/5/23 Men's Soccer Ashboro 5:00 PM Home

9/6/23 Women's Tennis Bunker Hill 4:00 PM Home

9/7/23 Volleyball North Iredell 4:30 PM Away

9/7/23 Men's Soccer Stuart Cramer5 :30 PM Away

9/7/23JV Football West Wilkes7:00 PM Home

9/8/23 Varsity Football West Wilkes7:30 PM Away

9/9/23 VolleyballDavie10:00 AM Home

9/11/23 Volleyball St. Stephens 4:30 PM Away

9/11/23 Men's Soccer St. Stephens 4:30 PM Away

9/12/23 Cross Country Mac Anderson4:00 PM Away

9/13/23 Women's Tennis Fred T Foard4:00 PM Home

9/13/23 Volleyball Fred T Foard4:30 PM Home

9/13/23 Men's Soccer Fred T Foard4:30 PM Home

9/14/23 JV Football St. Stephens 7:00 PM Away

9/15/23 Varsity Football St. Stephens 7:30 PM Home (HOMECOMING)

9/16/23 VolleyballTournament9:00 AM Home

9/18/23 Women's Tennis East Lincoln4:00 PM Away

9/18/23 VolleyballEast Lincoln4:30 PM Away

9/18/23 Men's Soccer East Lincoln4:30 PM Away

9/19/23 Cross Country Southside Park4:00 PM Away

9/20/23 Women's Tennis Statesville 4:00 PM Home

9/20/23 Volleyball Statesville4:30 PM Home

9/20/23 Men's Soccer Statesville 4:30 PM Home

9/21/23 Women's Golf Catawba CC3:00 PM Away

9/21/23 JV Football Fred T Foard7:00 PM Home

9/22/23 Varsity Football Fred T Foard 7::30 PM Away

9/23/23 Cross CountryFreedom8:00 AM Away

9/25/23 Women's TennisHickory4:00 PM Away

9/25/23 VolleyballHickory4:30 PM Away

9/25/23 Men's SoccerHickory4:30 PM Away

9/25/23 Women's Golf Twin Oaks3:00 PM Away

9/26/23 Cross Country Allison's Woods 4:00 PM Away

9/27/23 Women's Tennis North Lincoln 4:00 PM Home

9/27/23 VolleyballNorth Lincoln4:30 PM Home

9/27/23 Men's Soccer North Lincoln4:30 PM Home

9/28/23 JV Football East Lincoln7:00 PM Away

9/29/23 Varsity Football East Lincoln7:30 PM Home

Counselor Corner

Appalachian State Rep on campus September 19th.

College Fair Wednesday October 18th

September 6th Visit to NGK

Gear Up Corner

S.T.E.M NHRA trip September 22

Testing Corner

Pre-ACT October 18th

PSAT OCtober 24th